Our Mission

A Seed business focused on you.

Seitec Genetics is an independent seed company that is dedicated to delivering rare and uncompromising value to a select group of farmers. With the proliferation of seed traits, the seed business has changed a lot in the last few years.
Many seed brands are confined to the traits their parent company offers which in turn limit the genetics they have access to. At Seitec Genetics, we have maximum flexibility to offer the very best traits and genetics across all the leading developers.
A second major advantage is our willingness to deliver the very best hybrids for your local area. Many seed brands bypass hybrids with regional and special placement advantages so they can work with fewer hybrids. As we continue to push yield levels higher and higher, the top-yielding hybrids will actually need to be more specialized for their environments to capture all the yield potential. We will help you capture that yield potential by aggressively testing a broad set of genetics and traits and deliver the very best to you.
It doesn’t stop there. We are committed to what makes a difference in your field and to the success of your farming operation. One example is VigorShield™ whereas Seitec Genetics shares actual germination test results including a sstress-inducedsaturated cold test. It’s all about working with a seed company that truly has your best interests as the priority.
We have four reasons why Seitec Genetics stands out among it’s competition.

Testimonials & Featured Clients

"I feel like there's a ton of options available. We can pick anywhere from a short season 85-day corn all the way up to a 117-day corn or even longer... I'm completely satisfied with that part of it."

Nick Hunt | Salix, IA

"Seitec seems to have a broader trait package. Other companies just talk about their own, and not the whole genre of traits available."

Blake Burger | Oran, MO

"100% of my corn for the last two years has been Seitec."

Lance Coburn | Quinter, KS

"Our side-by-sides have leaned us towards planting more Seitec each year and they've proven themselves on our farm."

Arlin Aufenkamp | Brownville, NE

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