Better Quality and VigorShield 


Every year we have customers tell us stories about how our seed had better plant stands and more vigor than the competitors planted next to us. Seitec Genetics implements a particular production process that leads to more reliable seed vigor. To take it a step further, we share specific quality data with farmers so they are set up for success even in tough coniditions.

The target corn planting temperature is when the daily highs average 70 degrees or higher for 5 days including the planting day and preferably 5-10 day forecasts average over 60 degrees. This allows the seed to germinate quickly and have significant underground growth typically creating even development across plants. has your 5 day weather forecast. Seed with saturated cold tests at 88 or above are best suited to cold and saturated conditions. Seed with saturated cold tests under 85 should be managed such that they are planted in good growing conditions.

VigorShield is a registered trademark of Seitec Genetics.

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